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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Feb 1, 2023

Today we are celebrating 100 episodes of our podcast.  We’ve had a ton of fun, interviewed incredible guests, and shared so many stories both personally and from our guests.  We are so grateful for all the downloads, shares and messages we’ve received and the support you’ve given us in getting to 100 episodes.  We had some questions brought forth for us to share on this special episode, so sit back and have fun listening to our responses.

In this episode we dive into:

1)  Our podcast currently sits in the top 10% on which is incredible.  With over 3 million podcasts launched, only ~280,000 produced episodes over 21 and are still active. This makes being in the top 10% even more special!  One of the reasons people quit podcasting so early is because they don’t see the bigger vision outside of themselves.  Podcasting is sharing a bigger message and being consistent in that message.

2) Sue and Marsha answer questions including what keeps the fire lit to stay consistent with the podcast and sharing stories; how do we navigate challenging situations, energy and life while trying to run a business and platform; and our biggest ah-ha moments from the last 100 episodes. 

3) Both Marsha and Sue are so passionate about collaborative books, as they published their first volume last year, and are currently onboarding authors for volume 2 of Every Body Holds A Story, and Marsha is writing her second solo book this year.  If you are ready to dedicate some time for writing a collaborative or a solo book, reach out to Marsha or Sue on social media or join the Facebook group link in the show notes.  This could be the year that your book project comes to life. 

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