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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Mar 8, 2023

Today we are unpacking and talking about the feelings of overwhelm and how it feels in our body.  Sue openly shares her feelings of overwhelm and together they unpack it and reframe it to shift the energy.  This is a powerful conversation of in the moment reframing, rewording and working through Sue’s feelings and emotions as her business is growing and expanding. Feelings of overwhelm are focused on the future events that aren’t even here yet.

In this episode we dive into:

1)  Sue openly shares how her self care game has improved and she’s made her health and fitness a priority.  Now as her business grows and she is receiving referrals, sometimes it is the fear of success that is more of the issue than the fear of failure. We reference the book The Big Leap and how we tend to upper limit ourselves as we expand. Marsha also references the book, The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan, and it is a great reference book especially as our business continues to grow.

2) A question to ask yourself is what will happen if you don’t allow your business (or whatever your goal is) to grow and what will happen if you do allow it to grow.   What will change if you do and what will change if you don’t go after what you want? For most people it comes down to being clear on what you want success to look like, feel like, what your priorities are, and we dive into the topics of scripting and this certainty that what is for us won’t miss us, it’s our job to take care of ourselves to be the best version of ourselves.

3)  Marsha refers to change at the identity level, and how once we determine the identity change, we continue to show up with the person who has those behaviours, habits, thoughts, taking those consistent choices.  She also shares the “wouldn’t it be cool” scripting game that is really empowering. We talked about the power of our words and how it shifts the energy to change our words from overwhelm to expansion.

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