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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Apr 11, 2024

Today we are speaking with the Motivational Speaker, Kristina Coccoluto. Kristina is a previvor, born with the BRCA1 mutation, leaving her with an 87% lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer and a 60% risk of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She took her circumstances into her own hands and began her marathon journey as a distraction before having a risk-reducing double mastectomy. Raising funds and awareness for the cancer community for almost a decade, she knew she could serve others on a deeper level,  but didn't quite know the direction to take. And last year, as she crossed the Boston finish line, 28 weeks after a complete hysterectomy everything she had endured began to make sense. Kristina is a wife, mom of 3 kiddos, melanoma survivor, and a 3 star Abbot World Major Marathoner and she's not done yet. Kristina is stepping into her purpose by using her voice as a motivational speaker to empower others, advocate for change, and provide hope for those facing their own mortality.

In this episode, we dive into:

1) How marathon running became a distraction from all that she was experiencing regarding the double mastectomy and complete hysterectomy. That distraction started her growth, expansion, and learning how far her story could reach others and show them that they too could choose to do the thing that expanded them.

2) Motherhood, choosing yourself first, being the example for your kids, and all the messy steps people don’t always see.  In this process of her story reaching places she couldn’t even foresee before she started, her story is reaching people globally, and she is continuing to grow into seeing what is possible with her story.

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