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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Apr 7, 2021

Today we are speaking with Divorced Mom’s Coach, Marisa Lupo.  Marisa is a certified life coach who has mastered strategies that empower women in her private practice to cultivate an authentic life overflowing with love, meaning, and passion. After having checked all the boxes that she thought were going to lead her to the happiness she craved, something deep within her was still missing. Purpose emerged through her most difficult time; an entangled divorce with two children, a very opinionated Italian family, without much support from those closest to her.   She developed the tools and strategies to untie the knots of divorce that bound her and started living a life of freedom.  In her coaching she guides women through untying the knots of divorce and teaches them how to emerge into their highest self. 

In this episode we discuss:

1) Learning to honour and find your voice by unpacking your story, and when you learn how to do this you can then stand in a place of truth and be able to express that in the most authentic way possible.

2) Marisa’s experience in the plant medicine ceremony (Ayahuasca), and how this experience helped her to connect to her higher consciousness and body again.  This experience further opened up her heart center and grounded her voice and message to teach and encourage women to no longer be trapped and silent.

3) Releasing the shame, disappointment and guilt from others because our story works out differently than they planned.  Our story is up to us to live out and Marisa shares her journey of learning to let go of these emotions in order to fully live into her truth to then create the impact she is here to make.

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