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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Jul 7, 2021

In this episode, Sue and Marsha talk about the importance of learning to listen to what you need, especially while listening to our bodies.  From migraines to fatigue, to resting and no longer pushing our bodies when it needs more rest, we discuss learning to listen.  Our bodies are always talking to us and it is our job and responsibility to listen.  Today we talk about guilt, investing in ourselves and how to re-write or see that story differently. 

*Warning: Sue swears a bit.

In this episode we discuss:

1) Guilt is one of the top things that we experience as women, mothers, entrepreneurs, because it is a self imposed emotion that we tend to carry because we “aren't meeting the expectations we have set for ourselves”.  Guilt is so intertwined with money and we chat about how we push ourselves because we are not wanting to show up because of money as well. 

2) The guilt piece is not helping us.  We discuss how guilt, money and effort is always a story that we are re-writing.  Who doesn't have a guilt story attached with money? We aren’t meant to have it all figured out in the beginning, we are meant to go first and our actions open up the doors where the universe meets and matches us with more opportunities.

3) We discuss how we have both gone through the growth process of investing in ourselves and what that has created in our lives now.  Learning to invest in our growth many years ago has allowed us to strengthen ourselves in our business, minds, energy and increase the tools in our toolbox.

4) We discuss the applications for the upcoming Every Body Holds a Story Collaborative book and what it looks like to invest in yourself and not having a clue of where it is going to go or the doors that it will open up in the future.

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