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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

Today we are speaking with the Founder and CEO of R.I.S.E. Media, Podcast Host and Mindset, and High-Performance Coach Susanne Puerschel.  As a former professional Ballerina, Susanne had the privilege to be raised behind the iron curtain, exposing her to the possibility to not only receive elite training but also to understand and see firsthand the power community.   Susanne is the Founder of Pointe To Rise, an Empowerment society for dancers, podcast host, former international ballerina, Founder of R.I.S.E Media, and experienced principal chief executive officer. She's dedicating her time now, after working in cooperate America and running her own businesses, to building community among performing artists, providing mindset and high-performance coaching, and building R.I.S.E Media that will be the springboard to revitalizing the performing arts.

In this episode, we discuss:

1) Susanne’s turning point of recognizing that 3 years ago she was on a journey working on living up to someone else’s expectations, and through a live event that we all attended (even though we didn’t know each other yet), and that was a turning point for her to realize that she wanted to live and leave a legacy for herself and her family.

2) The healing process that Susanne has worked through over the years, in her body, as a women, and exercising to feel better and not because she had to. This process helped her to go inwards to ask her inner self what she needs every day instead of pushing, competing, and comparing herself to what others are doing.

3) Worthiness, lack of worthiness, and how this is something as women that we keep learning and re-learning.  We must embrace our worthiness in order to allow ourselves to expand into what is possible.

4) Susanne shared how learning to let go of her past identities, the stories that she was feeding, and the limiting beliefs that go with it, and how all of those steps have helped her to grow into who she has become today.

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