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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Nov 3, 2021

In this episode, Sue and Marsha talk about our bodies, trapped trauma, and how we are holding onto this in our bodies  Over the past few weeks, they’ve interviewed a number of women who have or are experiencing endometriosis as a result of past traumas, sexual assault or sexual abuse. There seems to be a shift of women recognizing the need to normalize and realize the effect of these trapped emotions and trauma in our bodies. This is not only about endometriosis, but it also is about the autoimmune response in the body and how it holds onto these emotions and it creates blocks in our bodies and in our emotions. 

In this episode we discuss:

1) Marsha shares her experience and history with endometriosis and how we are starting to understand how it is an autoimmune response from a number of possible situations and circumstances.

2) Marsha shares how Sue’s work of myofascial release and teaching her how to use her own hands to support her fascia while she was in the hospital during her back surgery in 2020. 

3) The nervous system holds onto all of these emotions and over time this trauma, memories are trapped in the body.  We can also teach and heal the nervous system to respond differently and to actually calm down the nervous system.

4) Marsha shares how she was resentful and angry to go through the prep for her back surgery, yet at the same time, it is the reason that led to building the connection with Sue that led to the entire platform of Every Body Holds A Story.  This podcast, upcoming book, and a new program to support these women will be launching later in November and starting in January 2022. 

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