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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Jan 5, 2022

In this episode, Sue and Marsha are starting the New Year, and talking all about how we choose to show up.  They discuss the differences between intentions and goals. 
As humans we search for proof that we can or can’t achieve our goals, so it is easier to focus on the intentions and how we choose to consistently show up in the world.
Being the new year, they are talking all about alignment, core values, nutrition, health and the consistency required to be our best selves. 
Together they are sharing everything that is coming up for Every Body Holds A Story in 2022, and the books that will be launching! If you have ever wanted to become a published author, or learn how to share your story, this is the book you want to be a part of!

In this episode we discuss:

1) The power of consistency, listening to what we need, following through to help ourselves be our best selves in regards to our health, nutrition, boundaries, and what we choose to surround ourselves with.

2) We talked about how so many of us make choices re the food, nourishment that we take into our bodies tends to come as a result of wanting to feel good. We are speaking from a space of working to encouraging and supporting ourselves to be our best advocate.

3) The power of core values, living in alignment within ourselves, and the awareness of the constant friction we are creating for ourselves, and then we don’t trust ourselves and then we are searching outside of ourselves for alignment, justification or proof of what we want to do.

4) We highlighted the authors of our current book that are just going into the editing process, and how incredible it is that these authors are sharing their stories and the answers and solutions that worked for them. The impact and reach of these stories will be incredible! 


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