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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Feb 2, 2022

Today we are speaking with Mindset & Success Coach, Kelly-Anne Appleton. As a self-proclaimed “seeker” Kelly-Anne has spent the last 20 years of her life on a quest to learn to love and understand herself. After years of personal growth and healing she finally happened on material that reinforced and solidified her belief that everything she was searching for was inside her. In 2020 she became certified in that work through the Proctor-Gallagher Institute. As an empathetic and intuitive Mindset & Success Coach, she is passionate about helping others to transform their lives through this work, to break patterns, to uncover their power, to create a life they love, and to truly know they are worthy of all good things. 


Kelly-Anne was one of 47 women who were successful in bringing their abuser to justice in the largest case of non-residential sexual abuse by a Catholic priest in North America. She has spoken at a number of events and her story was highlighted in an episode of the CBC The Fifth Estate entitled “The Good Father”.  


Kelly-Anne has been an outspoken advocate for the rights of survivors and continues to work to empower and inspire women. Her story will soon be published in the collaborative book, She Is Worthy. As a trained leader through One Circle Foundation she currently hosts a Women’s Circle in her hometown, a space where women’s souls are fed and filled up by the love, support and energy of the women around them.

In this episode we discuss:

1)  The process, experience and power of shame and how it can be such a block that keeps us stuck in our story. Shame also showed up in the emotions of anger, resentment, frustration and it affected every relationship in her life.  Kelly-Anne does an incredible job of sharing the impact of shame and releasing the anger and how it has made an impact in her body and in her life.

2) The healing journey and how trauma continues to show itself physically in the body in so many different ways.  The physical and emotional process of healing requires intention, time and compassion.

3) How Kelly-Anne has used all this life experience and is now sharing her story to help inspire others to create change in their lives too. 

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