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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

Today we are speaking with Marketing Agency Owner, Marinella Yule. Marinella is originally from San Diego, California, but has lived in a variety of places since 18. She studied marketing in Boston and then studied abroad in Argentina where she was able to become fluent in Spanish. After graduating, she moved to Prague, Czechia to teach English and travel around the continent. After, she traveled Asia including traveling China by herself for 34 days. Once back in North America, Marinella wanted to continue to learn new languages so she moved to Montreal, Canada to learn French. In between international traveling, Marinella has also bicycled across America and down from Alaska to Vancouver. Currently, she runs her own digital marketing business while teaching English online, which enables her to still continue her travels even through COVID. However, the last two years have increased her passion in politics and culture so she looks to continue volunteering and working in that sphere.

In this episode we discuss. 

1) The resiliency, persistence and determination Marinella had and created in all areas of her life and how she has continued to pivot especially during the pandemic.  She shares how the name of her blog, My Open Passport, truly shaped how she lives her life now.

2) If you are always waiting for a solution or for someone else to fix your problems, you are losing your personal power and you will be waiting a long time. 

3) Marinella shared her journey on the long bike trips and travels she did across the different countries with her dad.

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