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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Feb 10, 2021

In this episode, Sue and Marsha discuss their thoughts on bodies and business and how our businesses will only grow to the extent that we commit to growing ourselves. They share their thoughts on how businesses grow through collaboration and how important it is to be a real human in our businesses. 

In this episode we discuss:

1) Being vulnerable may be scary, yet it will bring the most authentic people into our lives. We are missing the real connections with people because we are not allowing ourselves to be seen or keeping our doors open to connect with others. 

2) We need to stop putting the business first, instead focus on building ourselves into the person to bring it to life. People will be able to engage with us and see what we can offer, by truly being ourselves. 

3) We cannot say we trust in the universe and spend our time micromanaging it. We have to commit to showing up and then let the universe do it’s magic. “Energy will trump strategy every single time.” Rachel Joy

4) Today we referenced a few other coaches who have impacted us, Craig Seigel, Rachel Joy, Cora-Lynn Hazelwood and Jess Glazer. We both resonate with real people, coaches, and people online who inspire us to be more of ourselves.

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