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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

Today we are speaking with Wellness Consultant / Health Mindset Coach, Kary Odiatu.  Kary resides in Unionville, ON and  is a Mom of 4 children under age 16. She operates a successful home-based business in the Health and Wellness space.

Kary represented Canada internationally as a women’s fitness competitor for 10 years, competing at the prestigious Fitness Olympia and Arnold Sports Festival. She co-authored two books and has lectured on health and wellness throughout Canada and the US at numerous events including the American Dental Association, Chicago and New York Dental Associations, Manitoba Blue Cross and Clinical Research Dental Women’s Conference in Toronto.

Kary still walks her talk and was recently featured in D’Fyne Fitness magazine as being one of the Fab 40 over 40 in Canada.

Kary is passionate about inspiring others to take action with their health and is always looking at the big picture when it comes to optimal strategies for function, healthy aging, independence and well-being. She is also a certified Heal Your Life Teacher, through Hay House and the work of Louise Hay. Her mantra is: Make Life Magical and she believes there are NO EXCUSES when it comes to staying Fit and having Fun!

In this episode we discuss. 

1)  Why Kary is so passionate about health, fitness and supporting others to improve their health.  Fitness literally saved her life and she speaks in detail and love to her son who lost his battle at 8 years old.

2) Simple shifts to building dedication and resiliency improve your health and overcome any challenges that arise in your life.

3) Some of Kary’s favourite books that are referenced below.  Kary is a wealth of knowledge and the books she has referenced during the episode are listed below for reference.

Connect with Kary:

Books Kary referenced in the episode:
1. Mind, Body, Cure Book -
2. The Brain Wash -
3. Younger Next Year for Women -

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