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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

Today we are speaking with one of our authors in the upcoming release of Every Body Holds A Story, Aujha Hastings.  Aujha is a Hairstylist/Salon Owner, a mom, and aspiring writer/blogger. With a passion for living a more mindful life, she hopes to share experiences that will provide hope and inspiration for others.

In this episode we discuss.
1)  The writing journey in this collaborative project and how Aujha learned to let go of perfectionism.  The process started with a brain dump and this is where all of us start with writing but it becomes so easy to edit too much in the beginning and this interferes with the flow of the writing process.

2)  Aujha shares the premise for her upcoming chapter as she shares her endometriosis journey and how she had to advocate for herself and continue to ask questions and get the help she needed before she was diagnosed.

3)  That this writing process became the open door for Aujha as she had aspiring dreams of becoming a writer and this allowed her to start the process with lots of support.

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