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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Apr 14, 2022

Today we are speaking with one of our authors in the upcoming release of Every Body Holds A Story, Jen Lucescu. Jen is a hedgewitch and shapeshifter that has been studying meditation, movement and medicine for more than 20 years. A devoted student of the rose, the leaf and the drum, she courageously hones her skills through practice, trial and error. She is deeply blessed to mother a feisty Daughter and be mothered by a spiritually-guided Crone, as they walk the path of ancestral healing together.  

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a committed Qigong practice, she moves through life with the ebb and flow of the seasons. She currently lives embedded in nature in an intentional farming ecovillage community in Southwestern Ontario with her beloved daughter, partner, cat and bees.

In this episode we discuss.
1)  Jen’s work is with the elements, Mother Earth and has such an emphasis on grounding. She shares her story of learning to heal and strengthen her nervous system after years of bulimia, it was very much a practice of embodiment and somatic processing.

2)  She shared her journey of radical acceptance and how some of our toughest things to let go of in our life, actually allow so many beautiful things to enter into our life.  Our strongest selves are the parts that have dealt with the hardest parts of our stories.

3) Being courageous means allowing our fear to be present.  It acknowledges that the fear is there, it can be uncomfortable but we can move with the fear.  Fear doesn’t get to block you.  We learn to move with fear.

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