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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

Today we are speaking with channeler, mutli-dimensional intuitive support platform, energy medicine attunement and clearing, Raven Blu Ramcharran. 

Raven came into this world to empower others to stand in their own soul truth of reincarnation back into this world of reality.  She was born a strong feeler, intuitive , channeler and have moved through this present existence as many everchanging roles since she was born. Raven’s last career was a massage therapist for the last 12 years which she explored many avenues of healing herself from body, energy, mind, heart, soul and spirit. She dove into a multi layer approach of healing oneselves. Currently she has shifted to the level of energy medicine and many other forms of metaphysical modules to explore what's beyond the 3D body form, of course not forgetting the physical form as it is as equal of a priority to pay attention to especially the nervous system. 


Raven is also a channeler who transmits messages for others and humanity so she has many roles, and she has been led to many to support them on their journey into their gifts beyond the 5 senses & spiritual awakenings, affirming many that they are not alone on their soul journey.  Messages come through in many forms such animals, lands, in the cards, past loved ones, angels , etc.  It has been a process learning to ground in this reality as each day leads to so many unexpected adventures. Raven offers a muliti- dimensional approach to assist you on your own personal journey in this life and she’s excited to have fully switched onto this new platform of her own creation with support of many to be available to many as she begins to reach more of humanity in the online space as well as in person.

In this episode we dive into:

1) As humans feeling loved and supported is not the norm.  We tend to feel isolated and alone and the only way to shift this is for us to go first, for us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and to be open to receiving the support that is available for us.

2) How each family has one person who breaks their patterns, their generational traumas and ends up healing generations forward and back. This shifts the lineage 7xs in both directions.  “If you are doubting if you are the one to break your family’s patterns, then you are most likely the one.” ~Ed Mylett

3)  Raven explains the continuous subconscious purge of letting go of the things, concepts, ideas that are not serving us and how that can make room for so much more beauty and belief in our bodies.

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