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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Dec 21, 2022

Today we are sharing our last episode of the year.  We are celebrating the growth of a very challenging year that piggybacked on the past 2 years that were full of so many new experiences, identities and pivots in our businesses and personal lives. As we get ready to start 2023, it is important to recognize what we have learned, what we are clear on saying no thank you and yes, more please to, and what we are calling into 2023.

In this episode we dive into:

1)  Marsha shares some thoughts on her NLP Trainers Certification Experience and the importance of continuing to be a student. We cannot take our clients where we haven't gone ourselves first.  We always go first.

2) Sue shares some insight into her experience with scripting and the importance of creating more quiet time or space in 2023 for meditation and receiving the most aligned clients.  There’s so many nuggets in this conversation. 

3) When it comes to scripting, they both share how scripting and affirmations require first taking inventory for the lessons in 2022 and being grateful for all of the experiences.  This also requires speaking out loud the direction you are moving into, not in what you are lacking or missing in your life.  It is a very slippery slope with our language to speak into what we don’t want more of or what we don’t have instead of what we are calling into our lives. Use the language in the present tense of “I AM, I have, I do”.  Also using the phrase, “wouldn’t it be cool if…” to allow your subconscious mind to show you what you are wanting more of in your life.

4) If writing is in your future in 2023, we invite you to connect with Marsha or Sue on either IG or Facebook to enquire about being a collaborative author in the next editions of Every Body Holds A Story, if you would like to join the writing space, or if you would like to pursue writing your solo book and write alongside them both, then don’t hesitate, reach out to join them in January.

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