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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

In this episode I am speaking with Life coach, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker, Michael Brovac.  Michael is a certified holistic life coach from Hamilton Ontario Canada. He specializes in helping individuals accomplish and achieve set out goals with the objective of becoming full filled within their own life. He spent 18 years within a hospital and has now taken that knowledge into coaching individuals struggling with similar challenges he once struggled with.

In this episode we discuss:

1) Michael’s story, what he experienced from spending years in the hospital, losing his brother to the same disease, and being in the state of planning his suicide to completely changing his life over the last 4 years and now finding his purpose, passion and mission in life. When he hit the point of deciding to do whatever it takes to become the Michael who had the identity of a survivor.

2) As parents we recognize that we are only part of the equation, and we pray that the right people will cross our kids path to help show them what is possible. This is the role that Michael is now becoming for others as he helps others in hospital, by openly speaking about beliefs, identities, and thoughts.

3) Michael shares how his body and health do well when he continues to stay diligent in taking care of it and making it a priority.  He doesn’t have a huge margin for error in his life, such as processed foods and sugars, caffeine, alcohol, etc, and his body will crash and he will generate hives.  He has to continue to be accountable and has learned how not to be ashamed of this.  Long term accountability with his health and ownership for taking care of himself is where it all starts.

4)  The power of community and how it completely reshaped his mindset and beliefs to what is possible.  He has allowed himself to be completely surrounded by and receive the support that is available for him, and he will continue to pay it forward in his mentoring, coaching and continuing to raise funds and support kids in the hospital through the foundation CAM-O, named after his late brother, Cameron.

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