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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Jan 25, 2023

Today we are speaking with the Founder of Beck’s Broth, Beckie Prime.  Beckie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and she helps women restore their gut health with nourishing foods and stress-relieving techniques. Beckie is also the founder of Beck's Broth, an innovative bone broth company.  She is a closet poet and intuition enthusiast who believes seasonal foods, flowing water, fresh air, and mindful awareness can heal (almost) all.


Beckie currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her partner, and puppy Frida and spends every day dreaming of their forever home that's snuggled among the towering trees of the surrounding forest.

In this episode we dive into:

1) Beckie’s entrepreneurial journey, finishing school as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, then starting with clients and within only 2 months started her Beck’s Broth business because she was recommending bone broth for her clients and her recipe became the springboard to creating her signature broth.  She shares so many pieces of her entrepreneur journey with us.

2) The benefits of bone broth, how it can nourish and support our cells, it can help with inflammation, boost our immune system, and how collagen can support our joints and be a vital component to improving our overall health.

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