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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Feb 15, 2023

Today we are sharing our thoughts on collaboration over competition and during this episode we share some real life examples of where collaboration is working and where it isn’t. 

In this episode we dive into:

1)  Practicing collaboration can still allow us to earn what we are worth and it doesn’t block us from creating what we are here to create.  Together they share a couple of examples of proof where collaborations are working and when they’re not working.

2) When people sit in an energy of lack and are afraid of collaboration, that is a belief that they are holding onto and it requires changing that belief before they will see the value of collaboration.  Marsha refers to Brendon Buchard’s mastermind where he hosted some of the most successful and impactful entrepreneurs in one room to learn from each other.  From this experience Mel Robbins shared that the belief that the person doing the same thing as you is your competition is what is blocking you from your next level of success.

3) To state the obvious, both Marsha and Sue are so passionate about collaborative books, as they published their first volume last year, and are currently onboarding authors for volume 2 of Every Body Holds A Story, and Marsha is writing her second solo book this year.  If you are ready to dedicate some time for writing a collaborative or a solo book, reach out to Marsha or Sue on social media or join the Facebook group link in the show notes.  This could be the year that your book project comes to life. 

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