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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

Today we are speaking with Marketing & Web Strategist Chantal Gatien. Chantal has run a successful digital marketing agency for the last 5 years.  Through this time, she realized she was taking the power away from women who were wanting to run an online business.  She was doing all the right things for them to grow their business but she soon realized that she wasn't empowering them to understand their own business.  She now focuses on teaching women the technical side of running and scaling her online business through Designed to Scale with her partner Cora-Lynn Hazelwood.

In this episode we discuss:

1) Chantal’s story of early challenges and embracing how that led her to where she is now today. Her experiences and how open she is with them helps her to create safe spaces with no judgment for others.  As Chantal shares her story, she shows how she truly was Built for This. 

2)  Chantal has an incredibly real and raw approach and is so grounded in how she shows up in her life and business. She truly wants to show other entrepreneurs, business owners and people what is possible and how to do it in the most simplest way possible. 

3) How when we are in alignment and following our gifts, skills and purpose,  we can build an incredible business and have a life too.   There are times that we are living our life, our well roundedness that we are actually showing others what is possible. 

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