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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Jul 26, 2023

Today we are back! We are so excited to be back podcasting and sharing with you today.  We have been on a journey of healing over the last few months.  Today we want to talk about stress and how it affects our mind, our productivity and how we can find ways to support ourselves as we navigate life.

In this episode we dive into:

1)  Sue shares her experience of being in a sweat lodge and how her body felt after that experience.  Marsha shares her experience of weekly infrared saunas and how it has supported her stress levels and nervous system. They both encourage you to look for things that can be pulled in quickly that can give your body that kind of impact and restorative experience that is accessible.

2) Look for ways to settle your nervous system supporting recovery and rest, as opposed to doing and adding more, it is finding ways to encourage our bodies to rest, recharge and release the things our bodies are not meant to hold onto. The heat, saunas, infrared saunas and sweat lodges help our bodies to release deep nervous system stress and further promote healing. 

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