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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Aug 18, 2021

Today we are speaking with Registered Dietitian, Fitness Professional, Christine Coen.  Over the last 10 years as a NYC based Registered Dietitian & fitness professional, Christine has transformed her practice from a traditional weight loss & aesthetic focus into a convergence of the powerful impact of movement & nutrition on mental health.  Christine’s own battle & eventual overcoming of depression, anxiety, & emotional eating sparked this change, as movement became her “antidepressant” and was a major catalyst in her recovery.  

Today, Christine coaches women to take empowered action & move their body every day to relieve symptoms of anxiety & depression while expanding their capacity to enjoy life!  Her non-diet approach to health, where weight loss focus is actually put on the back-burner, has surprisingly increased the success her clients have in feeling their best- mentally & physically. Wake Up Your Warrior, her special daily 22 Minute Warrior Workout Program is available to anyone who wants to join a virtual community of people dedicated to taking their life back while discovering a deeper meaning for improving their wellbeing.  Come sweat with us!

In this episode we discuss:

1) The emotions of anxiety, depression and then the cycle of using food to manage her emotions and energy.  The way Christine looked at food at that time was “bad foods, good foods” and this only continued the spiral of anxiety and depression.

2) Hiding these emotions only kept her feeling shame for her “deep dark hole” which fed the feelings of hopelessness and despair.  After attending a yoga class, she connected movement and mental health and this started a spark in her.  The spark didn’t last and she learned that some movement helped her to continue to feel better and she continued to rinse and repeat this process. 

3) This perpetual cycle was due to a continuous lack of trust between her mind and body.  Now Christine’s belief and understanding is that the mind and body are always communicating with each other and her job is to listen to the signals for what her body needs. 

4) There’s a current epidemic of people not knowing how to listen to or tune into what our body is asking us for.  Christine focuses on the term movement and moving intuitively instead of the word exercise, because it is the tiny habits that matter every single day that add up. Christine shared her thoughts on how we pre-fail ourselves before we even give ourselves a chance. 

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