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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Jan 19, 2022

Today we are speaking with Nurse, firefighter,  single mom,  freedom fighter, Corri Bignell. Corrie is a survivor. She was a mom at 16, who battled cancer while in nursing school, became a mom again at 30 as a single mom, and went back to school to become a firefighter. Then Covid hit, and she battled “the front lines” as a health care hero! Then in September 2021 the hospital threatened her career by saying if she  did not take a vaccine. she would be terminated. Corrie had contracted the delta variant in March 2021, so felt it unnecessary and actually dangerous to take the vaccine. The Grand River Hospital put her on unpaid leave Oct 2021. Corrie sold her home and moved to Nicaragua so her son could live free.  Ontario is in another lockdown and Corrie is  sitting at the ocean

In this episode we discuss:

1)  Corrie’s experience with her young cancer diagnosis, her persistence to finish nursing school, and successfully become a firefighter at 43.

2) What the early days and experience of Covid and the pandemic were like for the front line workers like nurses. The shift from being seen as a health care hero and how drastically that shifted when the vaccine mandates were being implemented.

3) Corrie’s journey to fight for her rights, her beliefs and what we incurred and experienced as she knew her job, pension and livelihood was in jeopardy and how she turned that into creating a massive life change of moving to another country. She openly shares her story with us today.

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