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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Feb 9, 2022

Today we are speaking with Cora-Lynn Hazelwood.  Cora-Lynn is a Website and Kajabi wizard and she teaches entrepreneurs how to simplify the tech side of scaling their businesses. She scaled her web design agency to six figures in 10 months, is the founder of Designed to Scale and Co-Founder of The Social Growth Vault. She has a bachelor of technology, post-grad in PR and a post-grad in Social Media Management. She's worked in the digital media space for over 7 years and has worked with massive corporations like Dole Foods & Kodiak Boots + non-profits like the Toronto Zoo. She's determined to help digital business owners embrace technology so they can help more people, in less time while making more money.

In this episode we discuss. 

1) The power of community and truly choosing the people we need to surround ourselves with and allow ourselves the space that there can be only a handful of people who uplift and support us in what we need. 

2) How lonely the entrepreneurship journey is and can be so full of uncertainty and doubt, and how we have to give ourselves time and space to figure it out. The limbo space is so uncomfortable, yet we still have to listen to what we need, what works for us and our business. If we could learn to give ourselves space, compassion and time to figure it out. 

3) The steps to actually manifesting in our lives and businesses. Cora-Lynn explains how manifestation is grounded in neuroscience and how it starts by looking at our negative thoughts, the reasons for the stories, finding the evidence to disprove our thoughts, and the actions required to create the changes needed. She discussed how in this industry we need to allow ourselves to take the time it needs, be wildly brave and allow building the business to be easier without the added pressures. 

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Designed to Scale - How to make more money, in less time while helping more people through technology and systems in your online course or service-based business.

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