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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Apr 20, 2022

Today we are speaking with one of our authors in the upcoming release of Every Body Holds A Story, Brianna DiZeo.  In 2020 when the world slowed down, Brianna enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition where she found her true passion in the holistic wellness space. Brianna’s strong work ethic and knowledge coupled with her commitment to showing up as her best self allows her to serve her clients on their own personal wellness journey. Brianna is on a mission to support as many families as possible to be able to live a life filled with joy especially by achieving optimal health through a holistic mind, body, spirit approach. 


With real estate as her professional background, she absolutely loves to witness a good before and after project of a condo conversion, new construction home and much more. The same holds true for her passion in the health world as it is so rewarding to support clients as they step into their true power with a sustainable healthy lifestyle being the key that unlocks their limitless potential. When she’s not working or inspiring healthy living, Brianna can be found spending quality family time with her daughter (Daniela), enjoying a good baseball game (pending season approval) or exploring nature.

In this episode we discuss.
1)  How we always get to choose whether we evolve and grow past our stories or continue to repeat our patterns.  Our choices truly dictate our life.

2)  Brianna’s life changed becoming a mother, and worked on rebuilding relationships in her life with her father.  This has been such a prime example of how to break generational trauma, first you learn to heal yourself and then this leaves room for future generations to continue to heal.

3) That our negative emotions become toxic in our bodies.  When we start to take care of ourselves first, everything can change in our lives! Brianna explains her experience with EMDR to help her healing process.

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