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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Apr 27, 2022

Today we are speaking to another author in the upcoming release of Every Body Holds A Story, Peggy Birr. Peggy is known for her infectious energy, humor, love of adventure, travel, coffee, malbec, reading and crystals. She loves the mountains, beaches and being outdoors, hiking, camping and soaking up mother nature’s vibe. Peggy is very familiar with DOing and achieving, as she has worked as an ER Nurse for over 31 years. A few years ago Peggy hit a period in life where she had to admit she was burned out, exhausted, knowing something had to change.

While on a journey to create change and positive impact in her life she realized what was missing, her BEing. She was living everyday like it was an emergency, her nervous system fried, living in fight or flight ALL THE TIME. Diving into her self-care tools Peggy has, and continues to use them to find more fulfillment, joy, energy and connection, mind, body and soul. Now, Peggy is a certified yoga & meditation teacher and ritual guide, whom you may find with a pocket full of crystals.


In this episode we dive into:

1 Living in fight or flight - our sympathetic nervous system - and how common it is and difficult to recognize and shift. Peggy shares a lot about this in her chapter.

2 Anxiety presents differently for everyone, and sometimes it’s just as simple as reminding ourselves to breathe.

3 Taking time to be still on a yoga mat or sit in meditation is a challenge, but making time and creating the space is so important.


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