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Every Body Holds A Story Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

Today we are speaking with an incredible young woman named Lily Francis.  Lily is almost 18  years old and currently in grade 12. Her parents say she has been active since the day she was born. They enrolled her in many activities and gymnastics was her favourite. She did competitive gymnastics until she broke her back in grade 6, almost 7 years ago. Lily fractured the following vertebraeL2, L3, L4 and had stress fractures in L5 and T10.  Knowing she couldn’t compete at the level she previously had competed at due to her injury, she turned to track and field. She tried a variety of events but has landed in competing in the heptathlon, which includes 7 events. To this day, I am applying to universities with hopes of being a varsity athlete. Lily shares her incredible story with us as a young athlete having to work through the physical challenges of rehabilitation while still performing as a top level athlete.

In this episode we discuss:

1) People cross our paths that are meant to impact us and support us. Lily seeing her dad go through his own rehab process 6 months before her injury, and his doctor being the one to recognize that she had an injury that needed to be addressed was no accident.

2) Recognizing that fear is a normal part of life, yet the fear of staying still and doing nothing is bigger than the fear of “what if or what could happen” by trying to move forward.

3) Our journey and what we experience on that journey is what makes us who we are and the impact that we are here to create for others.

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